Mable - Lignum Working Dogs

Lignum Mable

ISDS 361283
Blue Merle Border Collie

Lignum Mable. Young blue merle Border Collie working sheepdog

Health Tests

CEA: Carrier

DNA Normal for:
  • IGS
  • TNS
  • NCL
  • MDR1
  • SN
  • MH
  • Von Willebrands type 2
  • DM
  • PLL
Genetic Analysis Summary Carries Red, Dilute and Tricolour

Photo Gallery Pedigree
Mable is a pup I kept back out of the first Brin x Fig litter. Right from early on, she was the sharpest pup, and when the right home didn't come along, I decided to keep her rather than waste her as a pet.

Unfortunately work commitments got in the way for last year and she isn't as far along as I would like for her age. Mable is coming on well, outrunning, shedding and penning very well. however driving is her nemesis (like her mother at that age), she lacks a lot of confidence unless I'm walking along with her, even if I'm half a field away. However she is improving each week, so I'll give her plenty of time and experinxe on different groups and types of sheep.

My long term plan is to stay as we are and possibly have a litter out of her in the autumn/winter and get her out to nurseries around her second birthday.