Lily - Lignum Working Dogs


Black and White Border Collie

Lily. Black and white split face border collie working sheepdog puppy

Sire: Ross Games' Caefelin Clem (Taff)
Dam: Jess (ROM) 00/353920

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I bought Lily in at about 5 months old. She came up for sale about the same time as I sold Gwen, so I decided to go for it. I've liked the look of her father Taff for a while, he's definitely on the short list for possible studs for Mable or perhaps Fig, so when I saw the video of her showing nicely on sheep, I took the plunge. She's only been to sheep twice with me, as she's young and none of my flocks are particular pup friendly atm. but she settled straight into the pack right from the off and likes to sleep under my feet of an evening so I can fall over her when I stand up.