Fig - Lignum Working Dogs

Lignum Fig

ISDS 360405
Red Tricolour Border Collie

Lignum Fig. Red tricolor Border Collie working sheepdog

Health Tests

CEA: Carrier

DNA Normal for:
  • DM
  • Raine Syndrome
  • MH
  • PLL
  • NCL
  • Von Willebrands
  • TNS
  • SN
  • IGS
  • GG
  • MDR1
Genetic Analysis Summary

Photo Gallery
I took Fig in as a rescue when she was about 13 months old. Having not had the best start in life, she was extremely nervous and wary of everything. Putting the time into her and having a litter out of her, has settled her right down.

On sheep, Fig is a very natural dog, calm and quietly confident. And despite her stranger issues, will quite happily work for anyone. Fig is just about ready to start going to some beginner trials. She's outrunning very nicely and has started to learn to shed.

We ran at a Beginner charity trial last month, probably a month too soon for her, but I was very pleased with her. She made a handful of baby mistakes, which cost us time and despite reaching the pen, we did not complete. Still it was good to get her out and see how she would work in that environment and to pick up homework before her next one.

I kept a bitch pup out of Figs first litter (see Mable) and it's plain to see in this case, Fig has put a lot of her good traits into her.