Brin - Lignum Working Dogs

Lignum Brin

ISDS 360404
Blue Merle Border Collie

Lignum Brin. Blue merle Border Collie working sheepdog

Health Tests

DNA Normal for:
  • CEA
  • DM
  • Raine Syndrome
  • MH
  • PLL
  • NCL
  • Von Willebrands
  • TNS
  • SN
  • IGS
  • GG
  • MDR1
Genetic Analysis Summary

Hip Score: 7:7 total 14
Elbow Score: 0

Carries Dilute and Tricolour

Photo Gallery Pedigree
Brin is the first sheepdog I've trained. Bred by C Hodges at Amytree sheepdogs, he goes back to Jimmy Kemi, 2013 Welsh National Champion and 2013 International Driving Champion. In many ways he's been an easy dog to train, very forgiving of my mistakes while learning the ropes, in under a year we went from clueless to winning a beginner trial at Slinden. He can be pushy when working,though, and I have spent the summer fixing his stop. Thanks in part to Brenda Helliwell, (who I would highy recommend), I've finally managed to install some brakes. This dog does not lack for power, unfortunately he uses it to get the job done in record time. This has caused us some problems on the trials field, where though time can be tight, accuracy is also important. Our last trial was a marked improvemnt, no longer feeling like I was driving a runaway bus with no brakes, so fingers crossed for a successful novice season this winter.

This dog has a temperament to die for. Great off switch, fabulous nature around people and animals. And will give 110% to any job that needs doing.

He's been used at stud a few times, both by me and outside bitches and has passed on those traits to his offspring. The last two litters I've had from him, both by Fig, pups have shown on sheep by 11 weeks.